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That Train left the station about four years ago when I suggested to BenO to  contact Dev-cor (Dave Schumann) for the DL1608. History tells the story. Their precious Mandolin communications method was as BenO put it "too complicated and always in flux". I take that as too disorganized and would have been an embarrassment. They also went to great lengths to stop a college student from publishing a OSC cross to Mandolin. Clearly the persons calling the shots at Mackie aren't your friends. A well educated guess.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: The Little Mixer That Could
« Last post by nedorama on June 05, 2021, 09:17:48 PM »
I bought a B-stock DL1608 in November 2014 and it's been a great mixer - it replaced an original 01v in a rack, and it was great to have more power, more intuitive control and a smaller footprint.

I started with a 1202 in 1993, a LM3204 for my studio in 2000, bought a used 1402 in 2006, then a 1642 a year later, and then in 2009 the 01v. Still have a 402VLZ for small gigs, but just brought the DL1608 to a Memorial Day show we played to wrangle 4 mics, 2 acoustics and a monitor mix. So easy to dial in. I'm sure there are newer ones that are better, but this totally fits my needs.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: The Little Mixer That Could
« Last post by WK154 on June 04, 2021, 02:16:13 PM »
Yes Mackie's marketing started for the DL1608 at NAMM 2012 and the software was released before the product.    See the date of their announcement July 17 2012. They however didn't ship until late September with a useless V1.0. The real first cleanup and useful software was V1.1 in October 2012. I received mine at the end of September. They at that time had the 16 input mixer market to themselves in this price range with iPad control, but rested on their laurels instead of continuing development. The rest is history. They could have easily repackaged the DL1608 to a stage box/rack unit with minimal effort. Behringer didn't introduce the XR18 for another 2 years giving Mackie plenty of time.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: The Little Mixer That Could
« Last post by Weogo on June 03, 2021, 11:46:55 PM »
Hi James,

    I think I got a DL1608 in 2013.
For many gigs, the 45# Yamaha 01V96 mixer and rack was parked and
replaced by the 11# DL1608/Ipad/router combo.
Last use was at a conference with two people speaking and two-track playback.
A volunteer easily adjusted levels with the docked Ipad-3.

    The DL16S usually gets the nod these days, or the DL32R for more ins/outs.
The DL1608, with one or two short, four-channel 1/4"TRS > XLR-M snakes, makes
a fine backup mixer for the DL16S.

    It's amazing what these units can do, compared to the old analog boards and racks of gear.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / The Little Mixer That Could
« Last post by James91104 on May 27, 2021, 11:17:13 PM »
In less than one year, will mark the 2012 Winter NAMM announcement and debut of the DL1608 & corresponding Master Fader App, followed by a Summer 2012 product sales release, and the reduced I/O count model DL806 follow-up in late Summer 2013.
Fast-forward to Spring 2021, the DL1608 hardware nearly unchanged except for a Lightning Dock swapped for the original 30-Pin Dock, is currently advertised for new product purchase via many of the same dealers & resellers as then and now, albeit in a more crowded segment marketplace.
While possible that this may be NOS (new old stock), fact is, instrumental in this longevity would be the upgrades, revisions, and the recently implemented platform compatibility of the Master Fader control App/Software, combined with an assumed average or better than, history of hardware failure rates.
Looking forward to dusting off myself & mixer for some live performance music mixing on a Dell 18" PC via MF5.x and docked iPad. Cheers
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Mackies and ethernet cable
« Last post by Weogo on April 26, 2021, 12:27:39 AM »
Hi WK,

    Online the 5919 is $1.15 per foot when you buy 1000'.
I know a supplier who had an offcut as a one-off deal.

    The disconnect was with an external router, in an arena, and I was at least 150' away.
Everything was fine through two soundchecks.  It was after the audience came in with thousands of
cell phones that I occasinonally had to walk down from FOH to about 75' from the router to have a good connection.

    I only trust the DL16S and similar mixers with installed WiFi for system testing and tiny gigs.
As a backup I have the little Rebotnix unit and a 6' ethernet cable.  And a spare tablet.

    Fiber's great for no ground loops.  And light.  And can go
quite a distance, depending on exactly what is being used.
Years ago I had an ICRON USB-over-fiber extender connecting a laptop to an 01V96.
And the 01V96 had optical ADAT in/out for the extra external mic pres and outputs.
Copper can do POE and be used for four-channel snakes with the XLR break-in/out boxes.
Whatever works for you sounds good to me!

    The gig in two weeks will be on the DL32R because the extra outputs will be needed.
If I wanted to use my 4-in, eight out DSP the DL16S would be fine.
    I was doing quite a few shows on the DL16S before shows stopped and am
pretty amazed at what all can be done with such a little box.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Mackies and ethernet cable
« Last post by WK154 on April 25, 2021, 07:42:05 PM »
Hi Weogo,
Out of curiosity what did you cable run you ($). You also never stated which DL was giving you disconnects, since you have quite a collection of DL's. Based on your explanation of the configuration and use it's not the DL1608. The DL16S internal wireless is well known for such issues. The DL16S/DL32R using a external modem would be dependent on the performance of the WiFi products. As an aside don't expect the cable to be current too long since before you have problems other than physical damage you'll be replacing it with fiber. Not that fiber is anything new to the audio field (ADAT, SP/DIF).
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Mackies and ethernet cable
« Last post by Weogo on April 25, 2021, 03:17:16 AM »
Hi WK,

    I ended up going with Quabbin SF/UTP 5919 which is Cat6A, four pair, 26ga.
Ended up with 175'.
It has a very tough outer jacket in production black, and still coils nicely in the hand:
The connectors are grounded at both ends.
Again, thanks for the Cat6 recommendation.
  Also thanks to John, Kyle and Ted.

   My DL1608 has always been quiet.  Also the DL32R and DL16S.
I still like the DL1608 with an old Ipad-3 docked in it for small gig and conference work  - 
no router, etc. needed.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Mackies and ethernet cable
« Last post by WK154 on April 21, 2021, 05:45:59 PM »
Just like the audio cables at minimum at the mixer end , both would be better. I don't have any info on your Rebotnix regarding shield (at the connector) it may pass shield continuity and I have no idea about your cable to the iPad. They may all be shielded which would be good. Unless you are in a high RF or magnetic field environment the UTP will be more than sufficient and also less expensive allowing 2 cables ($60) for one custom made.

P.S. It might be good for you to review the grounding issues with the DL1608 that haven't gone away.
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