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The $ 5,000.00 challenge
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:49:00 PM »
The $5000 Gobo Challenge

by Joel Nichols: President on May.25, 2010,

We have had Rosco staff on a regular basis say to dealers that our metal and glass gobo products are inferior to theirs now that we have gone to lasers.  We have responded by telling dealers that if they order the same product from us and them and feel Rosco has done a better job we will give them a 100% refund.  We have had a few dealers take up the challenge of ordering the same product from both companies and they tell us we blew Rosco away.

I know Behind The Scenes is trying to raise money again this year and here is my recommendation.  We set up an independent panel from Behind The Scenes to choose multiple designs - 3 metal, 3 b&w glass, and 3 multicolor glass patterns.  Try to choose some tough to do patterns. Have each design ran 3 times to show the ability to produce a consistent pattern.  This would be a total of 27 gobos. Behind The Scenes provides the same art to both companies and we run some gobos to be judged by the panel.  Majority wins the challenge. After the judging the winner takes all and the loser of the challenge donates $5000 to Behind The Scenes.  Both companies would have marketing rights and access to pictures and samples of the other company’s products.  It is time to put up or shut up for a great cause.

Should be interesting to watch.

Bill ESC

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