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X-Touch evaluation
« on: June 15, 2018, 08:05:25 PM »
Finally got around to some evaluation of the X-Touch as used with the XR/MR series of mixers. To be sure it works with the Ethernet cable (only test so far). Now for some critic about this as a control surface for the mixers. Yeah I know itís originally designed for DAW control.  Behringer however advertises it heavily with both the X32 and the X-Air series stage boxes. The 92 buttons (?) are labeled for only one of the many DAWís (Logic). How much sense does that make! Of course no overlay templates are even included or offered for their own products!
The UI (User Interface) design must have been done by a novice. Right off, the rotary controls are above the scribble strips which show the changing values. Can you say cover up or transparent hands. Then there is the viewing angle of the scribble strips. You must hover over them to see the info resulting in a contortionistís fader operation. Who wants to stand for a couple of hours in a live show or for that matter in a studio??
Software wise not all the mixer values are transferred to the X-Touch (a fixable issue) so that leaves you operating it along with a tablet or PC. In conclusion itís not useful as a mixer controller. Best buy a mixer with the physical controls and a stage box.
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