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« on: July 31, 2020, 08:51:02 PM »
I also bought an L-8 so i can leave the L-20 set up at one of my rehearsal spaces and use the L-8 to add tracks at home. On the L-20 I'm recording 8 drum channels but just transferring the overheads and kick to the L-8. I convert the two overheads to one stereo track to open up a track with a batch file:
I also record scratch vocal and guitar - and a Bass track which may or many not end up being the final one. So on the L-8 I use up 5 tracks, the vocal and guitar is replaced with final recordings so I still have 3 tracks free. I recorded a Celtic harp in stereo and converted those two tracks into one stereo track like the overheads so down to 2 free tracks.
I can also access the SDCard from my laptop via USB so can archive tracks/takes if needed. For instance if you rename TRACK01 to TRACK01a you can then record another TRACK01 - the LiveTraks ignore files that they don't recognize :) . I usually keep all the project's files together on the SDCard even when I rename tracks to "fit" the L-8.
I had an 8 track Tascam back in the day - this blows that away with the ability to track stuff and then transfer to a DAW - I use Audacity because it is simple and has yet to not be able to do what I need - I even figured how to comp with it :eek: .