Author Topic: Struggling with Aux 3/4/5/6 - 32-8  (Read 740 times)


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Struggling with Aux 3/4/5/6 - 32-8
« on: February 01, 2021, 02:56:55 PM »
I have a 32 Channel 8 buss mixer. I am struggling to understand the functionality of Aux 3/4/5/6. When I send signal through Aux 3, for example, the dry signal is coming through in the L/R mix even if I don't have the Aux 3 out connected to anything. It is also in only one speaker. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here, but I've looked at the manual and can't figure it out. I only want the signal to pass through to my effects chain, and don't want to have the dry, pre-effects signal showing up in my mix. I would welcome suggestions on this.
Thanks, Anthony