Author Topic: DIY battery setup for Mackie FreePlay PA - the old boombox version  (Read 223 times)


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Hi All,

Brand new to the group as I went a googling a Mackie forum and up came you folks!

I want a battery alternative to power my FreePlay PA Original batteries are out of stock, or horrendously expensive, and when I ordered two "replacement" batteries, they do not work, and the vendor refunded my money.
I'm good with a soldering iron and want to use a scooter battery I'm pretty certain that it would give me way more life than the standard battery packs that originally fit the FreePlay.

Here's my conundrum: the AC adapter that plugs into the back of the FreePlay is rated at DC 20V 3.25A output, BUT, the internal battery pack is rated at DC 7.4V 6600mAh/50.32Wh.

Why the difference in voltages for the same item? I thought the FreePlay would use the same DC requirements regardless where the juice is coming from?

From a simplistic viewpoint, I think I will power the FreePlay from the scooter batter and just solder up a connector to go into the DC jack in the back, ensuring the plug is the right +/- polarity.
What do I need, if anything, other than a direct cord from the scooter battery? Step-up transform, 12-20V. I don't know but looking for  some electrical  advice.

Thanks in advance,