Author Topic: DLM8 DOA or just needs something  (Read 4014 times)


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DLM8 DOA or just needs something
« on: May 23, 2013, 12:35:49 AM »
I got a demo DLM8 (open box, returned item, non-defective, swapped for a DLM12)  today from Sweetwater. All the lights come on, the display works right, but no sound at all. I've done all the usual troubleshooting stuff. Silence. Not even a hiss.

Since someone else had their paws on this, it's possible that something got saved to memory and that's how it's booting up. But danged if I can figured it out.

Does anyone know these DLMs enough to tell me how to reset it to factory? I have the manual PDF, but am not finding anything.

Sweetwater is out of these until the end of the month at least, otherwise I'd just wait for a new one.

Thanks - Greg


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Re: DLM8 DOA or just needs something
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2019, 12:39:39 PM »
Not sure what your solution was on this topic but I wanted to share my experience.
I purchased 2 DLM12 speakers online. When they arrived, one of them was turning on but had no audio output.
I opened it up and found that one of the wires connecting to the spade lugs on the speaker had come off.
Once I reconnected the wire, the speaker worked perfectly. The female spade connector seemed a little loose so I used some pliers to pinch the lug a little tighter before plugging it back in.
I hope this helps you or anyone else with a similar experience going forward.
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