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Anybody out there using these?

I'm interested/looking at the DLM 12's as I'm shopping for our band's mains upgrade. But I haven't found much in real reviews other than people requoting Mackie's lines, or trade people just promoting them for sales.

A couple Ytube videos but that's it. The lightweight and coax design almost have me sold, but how do they sound!!! Also don't need a mixer on the back of my speaker! Would be paying for a lot we don't need. 


--- Quote from: mauijet on March 29, 2013, 08:13:00 PM ---Also don't need a mixer on the back of my speaker! Would be paying for a lot we don't need.
--- End quote ---
Yah, that turns me off too :( . I'm happy enough with my RCF 310A's for now.

Mauijet I have heard them and to be honest I was completely unimpressed. They are super thin sounding. I was praying that they sounded good because of their size. I went to 3 stores to hear them and compare them to other speakers including the qsc k12s. The qscs were just so much better. In a different league. The sales guys in all 3 stores said how much they disliked them. I ran the whole set up tops and subs and the sound was just ok. The sub on its own was awful. I also tried the tops on their own and could not seem to get any life out of them.

I still continue to this day trying them out every time I go in a store and always come away with the same conclusions. I really really wanted them to sound great because of what they are size wise. I even sent a singer I work with who wanted a new pa to see them. She wanted something light. I told her none of my opinions about them at all. I just told her to look at them. She ended up with Jbls. I was actually shocked with that too. She wanted the qscs but the guy in the store convinced her to buy the Jbls and claimed to give her a great deal on them. I asked her about the mackies and she said she just didn't like them. Her father, another great musician, was with her and said the same thing. She also bought the ev 12 inch sub and said there was no comparison with the mackie sub.

In regards to the mixer on the back I kind of get it in some scenarios and don't get it in lots of others. A solo acoustic player or even for general speaking maybe. But for bands or anyone with a mixer? No.

Why is it that mackie advertises it along with the dl1608? If you have the 1608 why would you need a digital mixer on the back of the speaker? And they are probably more expensive because of the mixer. And if you need 2 speakers then you are paying for 2 mixers but can only use one. If they somehow networked them together for 4 channels then maybe that would be better, but sadly it doesn't work this way. Maybe they will make a second box with no mixer for less money. Hmm? Oh crap, did I just mentioned that? Now that's vaporware.

Thanks for that reply. We have no opportunity to auditon most equipment here on little ole Maui. Excellent testimonial. Several pairs of trained ears all agreeing, in separate occasions and locations.

The size and design look great, but without the "sound" no thanks. To good to be true. Mackie is kinda marketing them with the DL mixer, like Line 6 is pairing their DSP speakers with their digital mixer, which "communicates and adjusts to the environment" (and now too, the higher end PreSonus speakers). But the Mackie DLM speakers don't do that.

Our band's plain old Yamaha SM 15V, passive 2 way speakers, are sounding pretty good now with the DL1608 and a new amp. We were using a Yamaha box style powered mixer, so that in itself has been a huge upgrade. But that box mixer was a reliable work horse for a simple band set-up. Those speakers are just bulky and heavy though.


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