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« on: June 12, 2010, 02:22:36 AM »
A couple of installs we did yesterday.

The first one was a sound system for a football field at a private school. On the schools side of the field are about 40' of bleachers backed by a field house. We mounted three Atlas DR-42 42" diameter horns with DP60A 60w 16 Ohm drivers on the top of the field house to cover the field and far side visitors bleachers. For the home bleachers we used an EV Evid 6.2 dual 6" 2-way WP speaker. An amp and mini mixer finished the job. Three hours on site.

The second job was to install a shock mount mic holder in a churches podium (antique 100 and something years old) and replacing a pair of inwall speakers in the fellowship hall who's surrounds had simply crumbled due to dry rot. We also replaced their Radio Shake high impedence mic with an ATM 41- with a 25' mic cable.  One hour 10 minutes on site.

Not a bad day for two old guys.   :thu:

Bill ESC

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