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The Mackie Forums Refugee Camp / Mackie ProFx 10 v3 Channel Mute Not Working
« Last post by MoeShinola1 on August 09, 2023, 03:35:18 PM »
I bought a Mackie ProFx 10 v3 new at a local store a few months ago. Everything seemed golden, but now when I have my Volca Sample playing a drum loop, and also have my Volca Keys playing a melody, then Mute the Volca Keys, I still hear it, unless I also Mute the Volca Sample. This happens no matter which channel I plug either instrument into. changing FX levels on the mixer, turning all the knobs on it down to zero and back again dosen't seem to have any effect. This issue seems to have just started yesterday. Any ideas?
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / DL32R Schematics...
« Last post by on July 13, 2023, 06:49:22 AM »
Does anyone have the DL32R schematics they can share?
Pretty please!
Many thanks

Can someone please share the schematics with me? DL32R.
I have the same issue.
I would forever be in your debt!
I found the 4-40 screws on Amazon.  I don't understand what 6 degree phrase means.

DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / DL1608 padlock screws
« Last post by cwiseman2000 on July 08, 2023, 12:51:26 AM »
I have lost the screws for the padlock for the iPad tray.  Does anyone know the size screws that will fit the screw holes at the bottom of the DL1608
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / How to add effects to aux
« Last post by Brianrafe on June 25, 2023, 02:33:46 PM »
I want to add effects like reverb to our IEMs on my DL32s. I’m using Master fader 5.2. I want to add some effects to the main outs, but also independently to the aux send as well. The IEMs are a little to dry.

Can this be done?
Hi all…first post here

Does anyone here use their mackie desk as a recording interface? Reason i ask is i recorded some stuff with the band into studio one so i could do a soundcheck without the band. Whenever i record the vocals come out quiet even though with the same fader and gain settings the vocals are booming through the pa when sung live…but playback of recorded vocal tracks is always very quiet in comparison to instruments…i find it very odd and confusing as i would have thought that what i hear coming out of the speakers when we play would translate directly into the daw…all faders are set at unity within the daw whilst recording and the voices are nice and loud through the speakers in comparison to drums and guitars but its as if the usb outs to the daw from the mackie arent pushing the same volume as i get through the desks speaker outs…anyone noticed this?
Il try that , thank you so much
IOS setting on the new iPad.
Go to Settings, scroll down to see the Master Fader app.
Toggle the ALLOW NETWORK ACCESS switch.

Should be all good.

DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / iPad Pro wireless connection problem DL1608
« Last post by Sloman on May 11, 2023, 03:45:21 PM »
Hi hope alls well,

I’m using DL1608 with master fader 5.2

AirPort Extreme router

With iPad 6 in mixer and iPad 5 wireless , all works well, connects well never had it drop out ..

I’ve just bought an iPad Pro 3rd generation 12.9 running 16.4.1 osx

All settings on all iPads are the same , Airport utility set up on all  and all set up on iPad Pro but can not connect wirelessly

Current device iPad Pro just says Disconnected in red

Detected mixers says it’s there but no matter how I try, IE re booting everything etc etc it won’t connect ..

Any advise would be much appreciated . I moved to a pro iPad as the screen size more suitable to my ageing eyes ..

Thanks all
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