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Vocals via do1608
« on: August 26, 2017, 07:44:35 PM »
Hi all. This is my first post in here, I hope it's in the right place, and thanks

I'm using a Mackie Dl1608 mixer to Yamaha nexo  actives.

I've been using it a while and like it, I'm no professional sound engineer but love what I do..

Question. Regardless to where I start on master level gains etc .. after micing kit, amps etc every time I do vocals I can never really get them loud enough in the mix without pushing track fader to nearly max and gain just below feedback..

Decent vocal mics Sm58s

Everyone I speak to at gigs ect, always provides positive feedback about overall sound but vocals always an issue volume wise..

Could anyone advise on how I could get vocals in the mix with some room to maneuver, volume and clarity wise etc and not pushing all the time

I use presets on master fader of 1608 and tweak as and when required

Happy to provide any additional info

Thanks again..